To all of Dad's Friends

I can't tell you all what your love and support has meant to us

in this time of sadness for our family.

Your love and friendship have helped sustain my father for a long time.

He, so, looked forward to hearing from you all and enjoyed

all the time that you gave him.

The emails and letters and flowers have strengthened our knowledge

of what a great man he was.

I know that some of you have created web pages and tributes to him and I

would love to include links to them or the pages themselves on this site.

So if you have anything such as stories or tributes or anything else that

you would like included please let me know at the following email address:

We will also be monitoring his original address so you could send anything there, as well.

I don't have quite as much time as Dad did

 and am not as accomplished as he was on web sites but I will do my best.