In Loving Remembrance of

Neale S. (Mack) McGee

November 18, 1924 ~ August 8, 2005

If You Must Go

I'm selfish, so you know,

But I'll grin and bear the pain,

'Cause I know there is a reason

Though my heart can't say the same

It's thundering tonight - I envision it as you,

Announcing, loudly, far and yon

That your soul has been renewed 

I'm sure that I'll still need you

So every now and then

I'll whisper you that message upon the rustling wind

I trust you'll send your love and help

You've never let me down

I'll gaze upon the heavens

And know that you're around

So go, my Father, with my love

And begin to pave the way

I'll love you from afar, for now, 'til we reunite some day. 

                                                    -- Patrick Neale McGee


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